Ability to be redeemed

Since childhood we have been educated within taboo. In which sex - is something "dirty" and "obscene" for decent people. This closed topic has gone from the world "without sex." By the way, we also see people laughing at it and see it as something shameful and annoying. In this kind of education we grow up with ours life rarely changes something in this regard, and we already know sexual life in practice.

Ability to be redeemed

With such an environment, we have sexual complexes - something that does not allow us to relax and enjoy the process. And over time, the appearance of problems, sometimes we are ashamed and uncomfortable not to solve them, but even to voice. Not to mention their dreams and wishes of an intimate character. We always expect that nobody will understand us, but we will condemn it worse. That is why we hide dreams and ideas far into our heads, and cover with shame and fear to go against all stereotypes of our complicated world.

Want something new, no restrictions

Every day our life becomes more routine. I want something new, more fun, "more air". And then we realize that in fact all of these fears and complexes that we paint ourselves, only in our head.

There is only one life, why not take away all fears, cross the boundaries of bans and make all your dreams and desires a reality? After all, experiments - they refresh the relationship, give a new wave of feelings. We seem to be born again.

There is no need to live in a world of "rams" who do not want to change, it is also people who dream, but they have no own opinion which they would adhere to, therefore, they live with other people's limitations, and a stranger's view of life.

In sex life, there is practically no taboo, so be free, do not restrain yourself and your desires in sex, but in no way do not be ashamed, talk with your partner, share your desires, embody your dreams, do whatever you want.

Try to constantly discover something new to yourself. Sex toys, different poses, types of sex - use this, it is thought out for it. Then your sex will be unforgettable!
Live and take with life maximum !