Sexual pleasures

Touches, exterior, body scent. And much more is needed to turn from a cute obedient girl into a naughty lioness. What will be a playful cat in the hands of a strong man.

Everyone knows that sexual pleasures, a prelude, are necessary only for women, and for men to excite nothing and do not need them, their main thing is only to insert and wrap. But this is far from the truth, and this is far from zaydesh. All men need love, affection, and attention. They are like little children who constantly need to praise, caress, periodically give a tits when shouting.

Sexual pleasures

So read the following tips to further interest your husband, and besides you, he no longer noticed anyone. Become a goddess for your beloved, after which he will turn into your faithful slave…

Everyone knows that sexual pleasures, a prelude, are only needed by women

  • At any time, wherever you are, you can whisper to his ear, his sexuality and how you want him right now. Do this very slowly with a smooth breath, gently bite your ear, and tongue pass through its bends.
  • Feed him out of his hands, while gazing at him in his eyes, gently slipping his finger in his mouth. With a cocktail of getting a cube of ice, but passionately spend it on the lips of the boyfriend, looking at his lips as if ready to eat them.
  • Walking along the street place his hand on his buttocks, and in the restaurant, movie or taxi, with his fingers stroke his sweat.
  • Slap him over the ass.
  • Sit down on your knees, turn your back, and rest on your armrests with your hands, move your tail on its hips. In this case, a storm in the pants of a man will be if you will decorate it with spectacular lingerie.
  • Sucking completely on her knees before her husband sucking around his cock, take his finger in his mouth, and show what will happen when you remove his pants now. At the same time, do not forget about the back, which you can bend well.
  • Untie in front of him, come back, bend like a cat to make it beautiful, and give yourself a pat.
  • Be the dominant player this evening, tell him what to do, where to kiss himself, which pose is better to take.
  • Ride the nipples around his naked body, straighten his body with his body: his neck, lips, without losing a sexy and playful look, periodically looking at his eyes and watching the reaction from your actions.
  • Kiss it from the lips to the ear, neck, nipples, from the bottom down, fall into the scrotum, taste, tongue, play with it.
  • Clinging his eyes, slipping to the top of the inner side of his thigh - this is one of the most sensitive areas on the man's body. Come on with her tongue, and during the blast, stroke her wet fingers.
  • Prepare a grease, pour a little bit on the penis and massage it with gentle movements of your palms, while staying so that his hand is stuck between his legs, even if he will have the opportunity to play a bit with you.
  • Do not forget about beautiful light music with these events, pleasant smell of the body.

And all these events can be captured on a hidden camera, and you will create your own home video, which will eventually be interesting for you to watch. Play with him, give him a lot of pleasure, then a loving husband will appreciate it and will be ready for any fulfillment of your desires.