Morning pleasure or wake up for sex

Irritation, lethargy, anger on the whole world, and the desire to stop the time-most of us ask for this mood. Then all day we spin like squirrels in the wheel, in the evening we come home, quickly got sex, and it is still very good if he was present after a hard working day, and in the morning everything is the same again, and our life goes through year after year. Not so impressive is the truth ?!

Morning pleasure or wake up for sex

Scientists said - when the morning begins with sex, your day will surely be successful and will be positive. When the evening sex helps to get rid of stress acquired during the day, then morning is a stress-resistant vaccine. It's better to wake up in the morning for the sake of sex, rather than the work for which you have to hurry.

Morning sex - it's special and different from the night has many more positive sides. In the morning you will be expected not only the usual cup of coffee, but also sexual pleasures. The day begins with love and affection. You recharge with a wave of new forces, mood, wake up and plunge into the sea of pleasure and pleasant feelings. But this is not only a pleasure.

Let's remember when we last did the morning charge? But do we have the strength and the desire to do it at all? ... Is not it? People deprived of morning sexual recharge, less assertive and often experience a quick lack of energy.

Morning pleasure or wake up for sex

Ladies who replace sex worker are more cheerful and depressed much less often, but men who choose instead of a coffee cup of sex in the morning become more stressful in the situation. And for a man such morning sex will be irreplaceable, it's not for nothing there is a "morning riser", and all because of the strong half of mankind "testosterone" - the male hormone from 7:00 to 8:00 is in full concentration. "Love" in this part of the day will be more qualitative and impressive.

With such sex you can carry certain colored colors in your intimate relationships. Gently caress your sweet sleeping woman - is it not perfect? A charming body that responds to gentle touches, a smooth bend of the waist, the first morning kiss - now it's time to carefully pass the covenant action. It's worth starting smoothly, slowly, step by step, kissing a kiss to go down below, feeling every cell of your body all the pleasure, then gradually increasing the pace.

You need to take the initiative while your husband is still asleep, because the most important item has long awakened, your beloved will appreciate your efforts and it will be much more pleasant for him to wake up from your oral caress, he will be pleasantly surprised by this morning's surprise. Let your morning enjoyment be colorful and enjoyable.

Try it, and you will no longer be able to give up this pleasure. And now you know exactly what will be better starting your morning.