The art of touch

We began to forget that real sex is not in orgasm, but the very way to it. Sex is not just the sexual closeness of a man and a woman whose purpose is to have fun. Rare lucky people are naturally endowed with the ability to properly guide themselves in bed.

The art of touch

Sex is an art that begins with people who are not already able to own each other. It is the people who are somewhat better than an orgasm. Nothing better cuts into memory as touch.

The main thing is that people get the pleasure not from the very process, but from the fact that it does it with you. So fast and animal sex can bring a sea of pleasure, but slow, he can be crazy. Be those whom everyone will want.

Де б ви не були, мовчки та без зайвих слів ви можете спокусити свого коханого, поглядом, дотиком, граціозними рухами, доведіть чоловіка до божевілля щоб він не міг думати ні про що інше крім вас. Будьте найбажанішою і неповторною. Полюбіть себе і у вас закохається весь світ. Будьте богинею сексуальності. Домінуйте над сильною половиною людства, вони це полюбляють.

Get down to the nipples and bite them and bring them to hardening

When you are left alone, put your beloved on the bed, turn on relaxed and relaxing music; in a slow dance, remove your extra clothes, gently and fascinating with your own eyes, approach it, bend, and just tap your lips to kiss your neck, once in a while Together, go down below, unbutton the slider of his shirt button down the button. Get down to the nipples and bite them and bring them to hardening.

Then, gently looking at him in the eye, unbutton his pants and playing his hand to feel his growing desire. Allow him to remove your stockings from you and undress the bra.

Piss it in the body language, walk your nipples along its body, play your sexual labia with its erotic penis, but do not succumb to temptation. Make a gentle massage for your husband. Taste the touches to him, and watch as if the cat is playful with his reaction. When your man is on the verge of a blast, sit on him, gently take his cock with his hands and slowly inject him into yourself and pull it out, play with him, it will give the man a lot of pleasure, because there is nothing better than looking like disappearing what is not and appears. Feel it. Breathe as slowly as possible.

Commit yourself to each other, be confident, focus on feelings, after which both of you will be able to reach the incredible peak of feelings.